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Naloxone On-Site

Naloxone On-Site Training

If you find opioid use to be a significant concern onsite for your organization, or from your medical claims review, employee survey, or focus group feedback, you might consider having Naloxone on-site.

  • In all states and at most pharmacies, Naloxone (and Naloxone Rescue Kits) can be dispensed from a 'standing order' (meaning no individual prescription is required). See state specific Naloxone laws here.
  • Anyone at your organization can be trained to administer Naloxone. No clinical experience is required, although training is needed.
  • Training can be provided by a dispensing pharmacist, or you can contact your state's Board of Pharmacy or Department of Public Health to learn about local training and dispensing programs.
  • OSHA has developed a naloxone factsheet for employers: "Using Naloxone to Reverse Opioid Overdose in the Workplace: Information for Employers and Workers"

Here is some general information on Naloxone and training material.

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