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Employee Resource Guide

Create a guide that can be leveraged by all employees to build awareness around SUDs and foster a work environment that is free of stigma and supports your employee's needs. Some suggested topics this guide could cover include:

  • Support through your organization's medical benefits and how to request SUD treatment
  • Information on how to access a Leave of Absence (LOA) when treatment is needed
  • Contact information for the SAMHSA Drug-Free Workplace Helpline which provides confidential, practical, impartial, and up-to-date information, advice, and support free of charge to employees and their families. Topics cover a wide range of issues related to federal and non-federal Drug-Free Workplace Programs and drug testing
  • Internal programs and resources; e.g. your EAP
  • Links to self-screening tools, community programs and resources
  • List and description of relevant policies

Here is an example of an employee resource guide.

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