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TN Creators Respond

Mobilizing to respond to COVID-19

Again, Tennessee answers the call to volunteer!  Many manufacturers and businesses across our state have expressed their interest to do their part to meet the medical needs in our communities. TN Creators Respond is a program created by the Tennessee Chamber to help connect the dots between manufacturers and companies with the capability of producing, warehousing and or distributing personal protective equipment (PPE) or components of PPE that are needed in hospital systems and medical centers across our state.

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TN Creators Respond will assist in matching up resources to maximize efforts across our state to meet the needs of our medical community during this unprecedented time.

We are working with businesses to develop non-traditional supply chains.  In almost all cases, manufacturers and distributors are responding to a need due to the pandemic, not their normal course of business.  They have all taken a pledge to not profit from the situation.  That said, these folks cannot produce and sell product at the low cost the traditional manufacturers can.  Prices will generally be higher, so that they can cover their own costs for materials and labor.

Also, they may not be set up as traditional supply chains are for ordering and shipping.  Many of the orders are through email or phone call. We are doing our best to vet out all manufacturers and distributors with letters of recommendation and/or application and approval through our state purchasing system (Edison).

We do not purchase the inventory and resell.  We bridge the gap between the Healthcare provider or Business and the supplier of the PPE.  These links below are to help connect you with your facility needs.



Here is how you can get involved:

I am a Manufacturer **After submitting your data, you'll be redirected to the State Vendor Registration page.  Please complete that information, as well.

I am a Health Care Provider



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