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Environment and Energy


The Tennessee Chamber actively engages in all air, water, underground storage tank and solid waste regulations administered and proposed through the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conversation (TDEC). Through regular communications and meetings, Tennessee Chamber members stay informed and comment on all proposed environmental regulations through our environmental committees who also review proposed legislation in the Tennessee General Assembly. Our members respect and work to ensure that Tennessee’s environment is protected for future generations and believe a strong balance must exist for economic growth and environmental regulation.

As the only trade association in Tennessee that engages in broad based environmental regulatory policy, we maintain a strong working relationship with the TDEC and through Tennessee statute.  We work to ensure that industry and manufacturing maintain representation on Tennessee’s air pollution control, water quality control board and underground storage tanks and solid waste disposal control board. The Tennessee Chamber also offers an annual Environmental conference and air pollution permit workshops across the state.

The Tennessee Chamber will work in the following areas to advance and address policy:

  • ENVIRONMENTAL and WORKPLACE SAFETY – The Tennessee Chamber and our members demonstrate that we work toward environmental compliance and workplace safety. We will work to ensure a fair and balanced approach for existing regulations, the protection of our natural resources and the total economic costs incurred to industry. The Tennessee Chamber will work to ensure that businesses are shielded from the permits they obtain and our workers’ compensation, unemployment and occupational health and safety programs are predictable and work to ensure compliance and reduce unnecessary costs.  
  • INFRASTRUCTURE and TELECOMMUNICATIONS – Economic growth is directly tied to both strong infrastructure and telecommunication systems. The Tennessee Chamber will support efforts to streamline and enhance the deployment of advanced wireless broadband networks and continue to monitor the implementation of broadband grants across Tennessee to enhance economic growth and competitiveness.

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